Sunday, 12 October 2008

8 October 2008 Wednesday - comings and goings

At 5am the big black land rover from last night arrives and the driver is let into the 1st floor apartment. 30 minutes later he leaves with one of the tenants in the big beige van. At 7am they return and a while later the beige van drives off again. A bit later and the black vehicle leaves with the driver and the other tenant. Hopefully that will be that.
But no, at around 9am the beige van plus the tenants are back. Perhaps work is cancelled for today due to the rain?
At 10.15am the builders arrive, so I have a full car park. 2 cars and 2 vans.
The rain continues to fall.
The older builder asks if I heard from S last night. I tell him that it is true that she has resigned from her job.
There is a lot of drilling and banging during the day, and by the time they leave I have holes in another 3 walls. The flexible piping for the hot and cold water is now threaded through from the bathroom to the kitchen but is not connected and there is a black cable poking through the wall next to the fuse box.I am still coughing too much in the evening to go to choir practice tonight. I clear up some rubble and dust then start giving the kitchen ceiling and walls a second coat and the ceiling round the velux its first coat. Two hours later I give the velux area its second coat.

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