Thursday, 9 October 2008

2 October 2008 Thursday - shower and shower

sA builder free day and the sun is shining.
I test out the shower and it works okay. The toilet, still without its seat also works. The wash basin has one of those annoying continental arrangements where you pull a little rod located behind the tap unit to get the plug into the plug hole. It does not work very well, and the water runs out of the basin only slightly slower than the taps deliver it. I decide that perhaps this is a safety feature to prevent sinks overflowing.
I set off for BUT to buy 2 storage baskets for my unit. No the have none left. I go to Casa and buy a small metallic skeleton wardrobe to assemble for the small bedroom. Another self-assembly item to add to my repertoire. Then it’s off to Mr Bricolage to buy some more paint to complete the bathroom and use in the kitchen.
I check the weather forecast on the computer as it had indicated yesterday that it would rain today and tomorrow. The sun is still streaming in and I am thinking that they got it wrong. 30 minutes later the mist has come down over the nearest hills and it has begun to drizzle.
I start filling in the cracks and holes in the “kitchen” walls, then I move on to scraping the excess grout left on the floor tiles, wall, skirting in the bathroom. I discover that the toilet waste pipe is leaking, but only very, very slightly, so I just put a plastic receptacle under the pipe to catch the drips.
I decide to abandon my plans to fix the main staircase as it is now quite gloomy enough without going through a dark cupboard to reach under the stairs. I would also need to empty out the cardboard boxed, lawn mower etc.
Tomorrow then.
I even get the vacuum cleaner out and whizz it around the flat.
I listen to the copy of the Rossini mass we are learning that Michel gave me last night. It goes on and on for ages. Fortunately I think we must just be singing the first bits as it goes off into long solos.
At 6.50pm the builder’s wife phones. They won’t be coming to fit the velux window in the kitchen tomorrow due to the rain. They will arrive on Monday morning.
During the night the rain hammers down on the roof.

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