Thursday, 9 October 2008

4 October 2008 Saturday

A proper sunny day so I get a load of washing on and hung out to dry. There is no breeze, but when I go to check on it 2 hours later it is dry.
I start taping paper round the beams and edges of tiles etc in the kitchen,
then I fill in more holes and cracks in the ceiling. I hope that when they start breaking through the roof to install the velux, they do not knock out my filler from the other areas of the ceiling.
As it is a nice day, I walk into town but as it is lunch time, there is almost nobody about.
Casino supplies my next two packets of breakfast cereal and across the road in the public car park, jazz music is playing loudly. Nissan have taken over a chunk of the car park to display their cars. Only two people are visible and they are not looking at the cars, just cutting across the car park.
I have lunch then go down the ground floor studio and bring up all my CD’s and the CD rack. Arranging these takes up a bit of time.
Finally I get out my paint roller, open the “easy open” tub of paint and set to work undercoating the kitchen. I leave the edges to paint tomorrow as last time the brush just scraped off the paint from the half dry areas.

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