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17 October 2007 Friday - Moving out?

A good night’s sleep for a change, I get up at 08:45. The sun has not shown its face, so I do some blog uploading. Once again the web host site, messes me about, especially with uploading the smaller of the two videos of the road safety event earlier in the week.
Tenants downstairs moved their armchairs and some other stuff into their van and set off just after noon.
No landlord worthy of the name Rigsby would refrain from doing some “research”. So I go downstairs and look through the keyhole. The studio looks bare of furniture, but there is still a pair of shoes on the floor and a few other small items scattered about. I think that they will be back.
I do not know where exactly this holiday village is that I have to find on Saturday, so I email la Presidente of the choir. Fortunately she is online and sends me the actual name of the place and further details.
I meant to walk into town for the morning market, but it has drizzled off and on all morning despite the TV5 online weather forecast telling me that it is sunny today. The weather doesn’t look promising for my weekend trip
Suc-et-Sentnac for the Saturday afternoon and overnight. Use link above for more about the place I will be staying including its live webcam, then up into the mountains at Goulier Neige Ski Station for the walk and a picnic/barbecue on Sunday. (no snow there at this time of year)
Waiting for a bright patch to appear and wanting to be able to leave at a moments notice, I have not done any decorating this morning.

At half past three I set off into town. In the shop above the shop above the Casino buy a rucksack for 20 euros for tomorrows trip. They I buy some more cereal, honey and chicken stock cubes. I bought sweets, 2 hamburgers, 4 burger buns for my weekend trip, in Intermarche the other day. The market is just packing up and very few stalls are still in business. The streets are almost deserted except for the beggars and their dogs.
My parents have been visiting a school friend of my mothers in Gloucester for a week. They will be seeing old friends and visiting some of the events at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. Mr Jonathan Dimbleby talking about his “Russian Journey” is one of the events.
I look at the arrivals time for them landing at Inverness airport. The plane should have arrived late morning so they should be home by now. I phone but no answer. I try again late afternoon, but no answer. I phone my Aberdeen based sister. Where are my parents? I ask. They don’t get in until about 4pm she says. It turns out that the evening before they flew to Bristol, they discovered that their flight was from Aberdeen airport and not Inverness… Good job they looked at their tickets in time. My sister tells me that she and second born RW went to a Hoosiers concert last night. It was 2 warm up bands i.e. 2 hours before the band came on to play. They did not have an interval during their set as KW reckons they don’t have enough material to have a middle to have a break in. The weather is freezing there (shame) but the band were very good.
But I digress.
A very fine rain starts to fall but it is not enough to get me wet.
I get back and the tenants are making hammering noises, which is a bit worrying. More stuff is loaded on to their van and they drive off at 5.15pm leaving their windows, which are situated directly beneath my living room window, wide open.
In Rigsby mode I go downstairs later in the evening and look through the keyhole again. Now there is a big wardrobe in my field of vision. Were they building a wardrobe?
S has booked flights to come and see me in November for a couple of weeks so that is good news.
By the time I go to bed at around 11pm, the windows of the tenants’ apartment are still wide open.

There and I thought nothing had happened today.

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