Monday, 20 October 2008

16 October 2008 Thursday – Dull day

A bad night’s sleep last night so Today it was out with the big tub of white paint to complete the living room bits and pieces. I also start on a small section of the bedroom where I think the yet to be bought wardrobe will go and part of the adjacent hall until the paint in the tray runs out.
It is a grey day and the light is so bad that I cannot see where I have painted. I quit decorating for the day and by late afternoon I am not feeling too good. Whether it is the smell of the emulsion I don’t know, but I go to bed for an hour at 4pm.
I cook a pizza for tea as an easy option, but the goats cheese makes me feel a bit queasy.
After chatting to S on Skype for a while in the evening, I turn in early with my sore throat, cough and headache and go to sleep almost immediately. Will I ever shake this cold?

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