Tuesday, 14 October 2008

11 October 2008 Saturday - Pizza

There may well not be any builders today (they are coming back to finish up on Monday afternoon), but I still have to get up early. I missed out on buying fruit from the market yesterday and I am down to my last peach, 6 yellow plums and some grapes.
Once again the tenants downstairs woke my up at 5am.
It is a lovely warm day today from early on.
Intermarche first to buy some supplies, then followed by a trip across the car park to Bricomarche. I buy some clear varnish (a bit of a mistake as you cannot see where you have applied it on the velux wood, some lino glue and a nice “private property” sign to add to my car park “parking prive” signs. Unfortunately they only have the one sign in stock and I want two, so I will have to look next time. I also want two number 12 s to make it look more like my parking area belongs to a house number.
I give parts of the velux a first coat of varnish, and treat the worktop also. In three hours I can start applying a second coat.
The rest of the afternoon is spent bringing my blog up to date.

The old shower base

replaced by a sink unit

wall cupboards above the cooker and base /work top unit

Ah here is my pizza oven.

When it comes to evening meal time, it is time to break out the pizza that I bought earlier in the week as the first thing I cook in my new cooker. I take the wrapper off my 3 cheese pizza, then I look at the cooker dials and realise that I don’t know what the symbols mean. I read the pamphlet that came with the cooker. I have to have the oven on at 250 degrees for an hour before I use it for the first time, to get rid of any manufacturing residues. I also have to put on each hob ring for 5 minutes on full heat.
My pizza therefore takes an hour and 10 minutes to cook. The pizza is perfect.
I will leave the excitement of preparing my rings until tomorrow.
By the time I go to bed, I have given the worktop 3 coats of varnish and I have prepared part of the living room wall for wall papering tomorrow. If conditions are right.

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