Saturday, 11 October 2008

7th October 2008 Tuesday - sky light

I get up early and open up some packets of dust sheets to cover as much of the computers, tv and bedding etc that I can, because they could be drilling through walls in the apartment today to feed hot and cold water pipes the bathroom across the hall and into the new kitchen.
The builders arrive and start bringing stuff up from their van.
During the morning they start making a hole in the roof

and by noon they have made a nice rectangular space and fitted a wooden frame into it.

Builder on the roof

They leave for their lunch and return after 2pm. By the time they leave at ten past 4, they have fitted the velux

view from velux window

and the toilet seat and have brought the kitchen units up to the first landing and the sink unit into the living room. They will be back tomorrow to start the hole drilling etc.
My cold has come back and by mid afternoon I do not feel very well again. It’s probably not helped by the lack of sleep last night.
The weather which was supposed to be at least as good as yesterday, does not live up to expectations and by 4pm it is dull and cold.
I have spent the day studying French verb tenses, but I am still living in the regular present by the time I call it a day.

I receive a text from S early in the afternoon saying that she has handed in her notice. I phone her in the evening and it is true.

Having furniture out on the landing is a bit of a worry and I keep going out to check on it. Usually the evenings are quiet, but not tonight. Two men keep parking on my “drive” and coming up to the 1st floor flat adjacent to my kitchen units, banging on the door and shouting “Mahmood”. He is out, but they come back at least 3 times over the course of the evening.
I go to bed at 10pm and it starts to pour with rain. I check on the new velux and there are no puddles on the floor.

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