Saturday, 25 October 2008

22 October Wednesday

Up late today after a poor night’s sleep. Some emulsioning todayI and receive some more emails from people who have looked at my choir photos on the internet.
Choir again this evening and there are fewer people than usual. 39 instead of the more usual 50+. Tonight the tenors split off into a new room, but it is a complete waste of time as there is no piano there. We give up after about 15 minutes and return to the main room to join the basses and the altos.
We are each given a long awaited CD with our parts of the petit messe, by Rossini which we can take away and listen to as homework. We have almost reached the bottom of page 6 of the 30+ page score. Progress should be quicker now if everyone does their homework.
A tiring day but as usual after choir practice my brain will not close down. This time I do not go to bed straight away, but stay up until about 1 am.

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