Friday, 10 October 2008

6 October 2008 Monday – A false start and a shopping trip

I decide to wash the bed linen as it is such a warm day.
At 9.20am my builders arrive. They are not staying, they have to go and pick up the velux and the kitchen cabinets. There is a great deal of measuring then the cooker is examined to see what kind of cable will be required for it.
A diagram is sketched out showing me how one of the fuse boxes is dependant upon the other fuse box, which is the main one connected to EDF.
They could not pick up the velux and cabinets as planned on Friday as they had had to work until 7pm.
They will be back at the beginning of the afternoon………

The builder arrives just after 2pm. His van is full of my stuff and he is now going to go to his workshop and build and customise the kitchen units. He does a bit of measuring including my unconnected cooker and my working fridge freezer. He will be back tomorrow to fit the velux and everything, then he has gone.

It is still a gorgeous day as I head towards Pamiers and the temperature ranges from 27 – 32 degrees. It is summer again!
I food shop in Leclerc then head to the BUT just along the road. Inside I discover that it is much smaller than my local BUT. They have no storage panniers either so a wasted detour.
The roads are very busy, not helped by road works, but when I take the exit to get to Mr Bricolage a car has broken down just before the roundabout in the other lane. Eventually I manage to get across the queued traffic and into the car park.
I track down the heated towel rails and buy the cheapest on special offer until the 25 October. By the time I get it back to the car, the traffic problem has eased and I make good progress back home. It is a lovely clear day and I can see the changes in colour that autumn is bringing to the countryside. A line of the majestic Pyrenees are visible in the distance in front of me.
I lug the shopping and radiator up to the apartment and settle down for the rest of the evening.
I am knackered and cannot stop yawning, so I go to bed at about 8.45pm. I am still awake at 4am listening to a talking book…..

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