Wednesday, 29 October 2008

26 October 2008 Sunday – Vicky Christina Barcelona

Last night I tried to figure out how to work one of the cheap timer switch plugs that I bought a few weeks ago. Over here electricity is cheaper to use between 11.30pm til about 7.30am. Madam has previously told me that that is the time to have my washing machine on.
I look at the 3 tiny graphics which explain how to set up the switch. They are indecipherable. Eventually I think that I have got it sussed and I pull out the pegs to make it switch on the washing machine at 6am tomorrow morning.
I fill the machine with clothes and soap, turn the dial, and it begins the washing process right away….
I will have to practice with a table lamp to perfect my time setting technique.

This morning it is bright and sunny, so I hang the washing out to dry.
Next I take my tin of exterior wood paint and spend most of the day giving all the window wood that I can reach 2 coats.
In between, I sweep the studio, clean the floors, shower etc. The former tenants didn’t do an even passable job in the cleaning department.
I find that there is only one screw and cap holding the toilet seat in place. How can you lose something like that, or did they snap it off?

While I was in town the other day I looked at the cinema door to see what films were showing. It is “Vicky Christina Barcelona” , Woody Allen’s latest film.
I look the cinema up on the internet. It has about 144 seats, so it is quite small.
Wrapped up warm and clutching my 5.50 euros and with 6 Werthers Originals in my pocket, I set off at 8pm.
There are only a handful of seats occupied and I go for a seat in the middle, about two thirds down from the back. The seats are still very new (I think it re-opened recently following refurbishment after being closed for 7 years.)
By the time the adverts for local businesses start the place is about one third full.
The film is set in Barcelona, so it was interesting to see some of the places that I had visited during this summer, again. I will also need to go back to see the bits of Barcelona that they showed that we missed.

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