Wednesday, 12 November 2008

9 November 2008 Sunday – Airport

Another sunny day today, but I do not go to day 2 of the open air antiques market which is being held in town.
I get down to a bit of dusting and cleaning. Not that the place is not nearly spotless already.
Thinking about my tenant’s damp walls during the night, the only thing that I can think of is that perhaps it is condensation. After all there are three adults sleeping in a room designed for one person. That’s 3 showers instead of one, 3 meals instead of 1, 3 people breathing in and out instead of one.
Lord knows what can be done about that.
If it was a rain problem my apartment wall and the ground floor studio wall would be wet too.
I set off for the airport and follow my sat-nav and the road signs. I succeed in reaching my destination but with about 15 km to go, a car overtaking me honks his horn and his passenger points to the rear wheel on my side of the car.
I park in car park 0, which is free for the first 30 minutes. It is very busy as the Bristol flight has landed early. I look at my tyre and it is completely flat. I have been lucky to get here.
I have my pump in the boot, so I connect it up and start pumping as fast as my legs will go.
By the time I have suitable inflation, I am as warm as toast in my tee-shirt, shirt, and fleece.
I meet S in arrivals and we head back to the car.
I drive at a slower speed than I did on my outward journey. I check the tyre once we reach home and it is still inflated.
As we drive, we can see the Pyrenees mountains getting bigger and bigger. The front range is the most visible, with the ranges behind getting successively fainter, Are they mountains or cloud shapes?

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