Friday, 21 November 2008

18 November 2008 Tuesday – Back to BUT

The various items of furniture continue to jockey for position in the main bedroom. Shelves are unloaded, items moved, reloaded and eventually the final locations are agreed upon. S thinks that the 6 shelf bookcase that I have ordered from BUT will be much too big, as only 2 and a bit shelves of books remain to be housed.
First stop is therefore BUT where due to them having a new computer system which the lady does not understand, she is unable to delete the bookcase part of my order, substitute a smaller bookcase and refund me the difference.
Half an hour later I get new paperwork. She had managed to cancel my whole order and it had to be done again.
I look at the amount of credit on my paperwork and wonder why it is over 30 euros too much. S says perhaps the charge for building the wardrobe has been omitted. I check the paperwork and it says that I will be building the wardrobe myself. Sigh! I go back into the store. I explain. Original paperwork is checked. I am sent round the back of the store to collect the small bookcase while paperwork is redone.
Once the new paperwork arrives, we set off to Pamiers to the huge Leclerc store to buy provisions.
Still in space saving mode, I buy a bag which you put clothes etc into and such the air out of with a vacuum cleaner. Then you do up the straps to stop it popping back to full volume again (like the ones I had many years ago, used to do).
I also buy 2 shelf brackets to put single width storage shelf under my new storage platform.
Part of the afternoon is spent building and loading up the small bookcase. It does not take long at all. Perhaps I have found my metier after all…

As there is still some daylight left, the DIY or Bricolage as we like to call it here in France, continues. I put up a rail and curtain to hide my new storage platform from view.

View standing up by bed

Lucky person's viewpoint

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