Wednesday, 26 November 2008

23 November 2008 Sunday - Blogsville

The sun shines for a while this afternoon. I am still sorting out belongings into storage. Today it is rearranging a bookcase and a small buffet unit in the bedroom, then stacking photos and negatives into the buffet cupboards.
I discover that I have a couple of undeveloped rolls of XP1 film from the late 1980’s and a packet which seems to contain the necessary chemicals to process the film into negatives. I have no idea what is on the films. I wonder how many years it will take me to get round to it? Will the chemicals still work?
The flat is now as tidy as it is ever going to be.
All that remains is clothing and some linen and towels to be housed in the wardrobe which should arrive on Tuesday morning next week.
I don’t read many blogs although I do follow about 6 unofficially. I am not at all sure about the reports of some bloggers being instructed to list a certain number of favourite e.g. albums, blogs etc. It smacks a bit of bullying to me.
I am also unsure about what all the “rewards” are about. Do bloggers blog in order to collect kudos? Or do some bloggers have kudos thrust upon them? I don't know enough about blog land, but I thought I would just stick my thoughts down. Feel free to tell me what it is all about.
I have followed Wreckless Eric’s activities online for many years. Way back when he had a yahoo group. I don’t know whether it still exists. He writes so seldom though that I don’t feel that I can officially follow it. Since he got wed to Amy Rigby (not a Rigsby unfortunately) I have read her blog too. I know they have been touring hard, but her blog output is also small. Still though what they do output is small it is of course perfectly formed.


  1. in answer to the 'award' question ... it is a somewhat uncomfortable reality that, in waves, they seem to be thrust I mean bestowed upon and then one is in the position of deciding whether or not to respond.

    I typically pass them along if they are of a variety which doesn't require massive attention ... but frankly it seems they do come in waves and since I only regularly follow a small group of blogs ... if you respond to each award you might find yourself picking on the same people over and over.

    a conundrum.

    awards are different thatn 'memes' however (I think anyway) in that memes are meant to help readers discover more about the author. they typically ask you to answer a series of questions ... or reveal a list of favorites (like albums) in order to spark interest or discussion. but again you are required to pass them along (or 'tag') someone, and after a while it too can become a burden.


  2. Hi, I've started reading your blog recently and as a relatively new blogger myself, I am not sure of the rules. To me, I set out to have a bit of fun and maybe write something that will enable me to connect with people who share my newish interest in France. I do not take it too seriously and I certainly don't aim to win any popularity prizes.

    It seems to me there are a number of different types of personal blog. The one type I personally do not like is the type that seems to be out to win popularity prizes and hoardes of adoring fans. I find them generally quite contrived and boring.

    As far as the awards, I am actually a bit amazed at how seriously people take them. I mean really, it's a bit of html that you stick on the page. I got one the other day (like you) and decided to have a bit of fun with it. I actually liked that one as it did lead me to some new blogs, including yours.

    Well, that was quite a rant, with no real answers to the questions you asked!

  3. memes is a completely new word to me, so I am still learning.
    If someone really wants to know more about a person, why do they not send a direct email?
    Thanks for both of your replies, If you think that the blog police may come knocking at your portes and would prefer me to remove these comments from my blog, just email me, and it shall be done.
    Cheers for now

  4. fuck the blog police and the jackasses they rode in on.... LOL

  5. I am more than happy for my comments to be here :-)


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