Monday, 17 November 2008

14 November 2008 Friday – Kicking BUT

Sun comes out to play so its washing machine on and decorate the clothes line with des vetements before heading into the market and Casino. We have clear blue sky and in the sunshine it is 9 degrees.
Many of the market stalls are missing this week, but the suede booties lined with sheepskin are back. My size would cost 30 euros. I will have to think about that.
Next month there will be a Chrismas market lasting over several days.
I finally give up on my quest for HP brown sauce and we visit the British shop where I purchase a bottle for use with any fried egg sandwiches that I might make in future. S buys some crystallised ginger preserve. Yuck!
We visit BUT and I order what I hope will be the last of my furniture. A wardrobe, a bookcase, a DVD stand and a microwave cupboard / drawer unit on wheels for the printer. I take the last two items home in the car. The bookcase is out of stock and may, or may not arrive in over a weeks time when my wardrobe will be delivered and assembled by the BUTmen.
The evening is spent starting to assemble the microwave unit. This is tricky as once again the instructions are vague and some hours later we call it a jour with the outer shell assembled and the wheels on.

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