Sunday, 23 November 2008

20 November 2008 Thursday – the power of the f-email

Sun is still shining (it did stop shining over us overnight) so it is washing time again.
Some of you will be saying “but what about the storage situation?”
Okay then, if you insist.
Well we unwrapped the storage bag that we bought earlier in the week.
It looks easy on the television. You put clothes and bedding into the bag, seal it then suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner….
First attempt

From to an unsatisfactory

Second attempt with some items removed.

Et voila!

This morning I sent an email to my French builder to find out when they are coming back to fill in the cracks on my outside house walls.
We are walking round town when my mobile rings. It is the builder's wife. My mobile screen says so.
We have the usual opening conversation.
Her - Hello, how are you?
Me - Very well how are you?
Her – Do you know who you are talking to
Me - Yes
Her – It is MC your builder’s wife
Me – Yes I know
Her – How do you know?
Me – I recognize your voice and my phone says it is you…
All this is in French and she tells me she has sent me an email to answer my email, but that she is phoning me to tell me that she has sent me an email. The email will be easier for me to understand than her talking to me on the phone. She tells me what is in the email. Is she talking too fast for me?
Yes, a bit I say.
So she speeds up.
Cars are whizzing past me, so even carrying on a conversation in English would not be easy with all the surrounding noise.
After about 10 minutes we say our goodbyes. I know that the Portuguese painter is coming to see me next Monday evening to discuss my crack filling and painting requirements. The builder continues to look for a solution to my ventilation and dampness problems but is baffled at the moment. He has not forgotten me.

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