Sunday, 2 November 2008

30 October 2008 Thursday – management of change – Rigsby on tour

I wake up at 5am, as the new tenant starts opening his squeaky front door. Why did I not oil it? He seems to go in and out and then finally drives off at 5.15am. Looks like he must be an early to work person after all.
It is lighter than yesterday, but the forecast says rain. Sure enough, at noon, it starts to rain again.
Having downloaded software to work with my phone yesterday, I am no longer able to access YouTube videos. I download the required software; I check that Java is enabled, but no success. I had wanted to watch the film of

“Who moved my cheese”
After an hour of trying out the suggested cures, I have YouTube again. Click on the link above to see it.

The book it is based on is slightly longer than the film and takes about an hour to read I believe.

I should have gone and pulled my wheelie bin back in off the pavement and checked my mail box. I am still waiting for my carte vitale medical card to arrive.

Did you guess the mystery posed in yesterday’s blog? It just goes to show what a small world it is. It is that my lodger and the bee keeper referred to in the choir email are one and the same person!

In the evening, I talk to S on Skype. She has a visit from her neighbour K whilst we are online, so I give K a live tour of my apartment. Then I leave the two of them to their glasses of wine and discussions of crochet hooks.
During the day I received a message from HB, my only official registered blog follower, giving me her skype details. I see that she is online, so I have a chat with her and D, and give them a tour of the flat too.

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