Friday, 28 November 2008

25 November 2008 Tuesday – Closet Clog

Snow settles on roofs of the houses opposite and is visible on the hills that I can see from the windows of the flat.
I am feeling rough so I am glad that I paid extra for the wardrobe to be delivered and built on site for me.
As the day progresses it starts to snow properly (i.e in a continuous downward direction with real visible flakes). This is something that the Fuxiens told me rarely happens in their town.

Once the wardrobe has been built and in position. We quickly fill it with clothes etc.
I am now knackered so I go to bed for a couple of hours, to try and get some sleep time back. If I lie down during the day I experience minimal coughing, but at night I become an automatic cough machine,
S puts in her earplugs.
Writing a blog when half your brain is on holiday and you are coughing and knackered is difficult. It becomes a clog.

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