Saturday, 22 November 2008

19 November 2008 Wednesday – Play that again Punk!

Happy birthday sister number two!
The rain is back. It rained all night and is still raining at 10.45am as I start this day’s blog.
Madam’s pile of rubbish remains uncollected in the bin and leaning against the front wall. The garden waste collection and the extra recycling collection have passed it by.
Tonight we put out the household waste for collection, if we can find any space left in the bin.
Due to the success of my recent storage solution DIY I add a small shelf to
The sun shines so we walk into town before it can change its mind.
Currently I am reading another James Hadley Chase book in the French, the wall under my new storage platform. listening to Labyrinth (Audible book) and I am rediscovering my vinyl collection, currently Elvis Costello (about 8 discs). His earlier stuff was by far the best in my opinion. Much of the later output sounds too much alike. His earlier lyrics were much cleverer as well.
I am not doing this all at the same time though.
What I should be doing is learning French grammar, verbs etc etc.
Cooking a Mexican meal for ten people I am not. My little kitchen has just room for one person at a time in it and a chopping board sized worktop, which also houses the kettle, in use mugs etc.

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