Monday, 24 November 2008

21 November 2008 Friday – New boots but no panties - 100 not out

The sun peeps out again. The forecast says that it is raining.
It is market day again, so we trawl round the stalls once again, looking for bargains. On one of the jumble stalls, S spots a brown, soft leather jacket for only 5 euros, tries it on on buys it after getting a passing American tourist to model it for us as the stall had no mirror.

There is not a mark on the jacket, nor on the lining. No visible wear and tear at all.
Despite advice from a fellow blogger re the 30 euro fleece lined bootees, I buy some fleece lined slippers for 7 euros. Just think I could buy 4 pairs and still have change out of 30 euros. I was not brought up in Scotland without learning a thing or two about value for money :-)

The market has so few customers, it amazes me that the stall holders bother to come every week.
Returning to my maison, we tackle the tiny back bedroom and get that almost straightened out. We then hang a curtain over one of the two doors into the flat to keep some of the draught out. We use the other door for coming in and out as it can be locked from outside. Brilliant thinking if I do say so myself.

This is my 100th post on this blog, so here is / are some philosophical bollocks to deliberate over.

I used to spend hours / days in the darkroom from 2nd year at University right up until the late 1990’s. I brought one of my two enlargers to France with me (one that I had never used) and threw out the other one. I also brought my developing trays, photographic paper, focusing scope, film developing tank etc etc. Well you never know when you might take up a hobby again.
Damn (useful) digital cameras!
Unfortunately I will not be able to suck the air out of these items to make them smaller for storage.
Likewise I used to practice Iaido and Jodo in the late 80’s to mid nineties. So I have swords, bokken, jos, hakama and gi’s etc. Will I ever take these martial arts up again?
I very much doubt it. I even got a British Kendo coaching award, ran a dojo with a friend and taught these arts one night per week. I have forgotten it all. Was it a waste of X years? I like to think of it as character building. I met some very interesting people as a result, both from Europe and from Japan.
Downside, I also had an ache in my right shoulder for many years which made it very difficult to get to sleep.
How many of us hang on to stuff that may be useful one day, or stuff that we know will never be useful or used again?
Do for example, people who like me have sold up in our country of birth, take everything, or do they leave it all behind them to start afresh?
I also have many thousands of photos, slides, negatives to house. I could not leave those behind. They are historical documents. Are they? Of use to whom?
What happens when the owners of photos die? Unless you happen to have been Cartier Bresson or some such, I suspect they just get put in the rubbish bin.
Who else would be interested in someone else’s photographic memories. Just who are those people, where are those places?
Welcome to my fourth follower. She is from Australia so will be used to the laid back, good life….


  1. I thought you said they were SHEEPSKIN lined? which would be worth 30 euros. fleece, you were right to hold out if it was synthetic fleece....pahhh! :-)

  2. They are supposed to be real lambswool lined, but I cannot find the lavel to confirm. Rigsby


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