Friday, 7 November 2008

4 November 2008 Tuesday – Getting my Assurance in gear

Another poor night’s sleep.
The Assurance man came this morning and I now have my multi-risque policy. The visit took over an hour and a half and we chatted, mostly in French about his son who works in a local bookshop, employment, insurance etc etc.
He worked with an American company for 15 years so the morning ended somewhat bizarrely with him speaking English and me speaking French as his desire to try out his English proved too strong for him.
Daveed’s parents and brother are still living with him in the studio. Half way through my insurance meeting, one of my 2 apartment door handles wiggled a bit. When I opened the door, there was a young lady half way down the stairs. I asked if she was looking for someone, and she replied that she was looking for Daveed. I directed her to the right porte. That makes 5 in the studio.
She doesn’t stay long, which is good, as when the assurance agent goes to leave, her car is blocking him in.
The rest of the bees hardly stir, only leaving the apartment late afternoon for a while. They must be bored. The weather is cold and damp.
At around one o’clock I am hit by a wave of fatigue, so I go to bed and wake up an hour and a half later.
I listen to the tenor part once at very low volume.

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