Wednesday, 17 September 2008

6 Sept Saturday - A rainy day

Day two of the grand fete, dawns with rain beating on the roof. We miss most of it by not getting out of bed until about 11.30am.
The temperature has dropped to 19 degrees outside but it is still 4 degrees warmer inside. Unfortunately the drop in temperature has lead to the leak in the toilet bowl flowing with renewed vigour after each flush, this after many days of hardly any leakage. So it is back to wringing out the cloths at increasingly frequent intervals. Sometimes 3 times in ten minutes. We will have to start using the loo in the downstairs studio again.

We walk into town and the rain starts to fall. In Casino we stock up on some caramel tea bags and other essentials. We get home and shortly afterwards the rain starts to fall steadily. Will tonight’s festivities be cancelled?

There is a smell of bleach in the flat and shortly afterwards some socks appear on the washing line outside. S reckons the tenant has been bleaching his socks.

The rain increases in the evening and we do not go our to the ball or to see the procession of the flaming torches.

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