Wednesday, 10 September 2008

30 Aug 2008 Saturday - Big shops

Off early to P 20 mins away by car. A number of huge hypermarkets, both food, DIY and numerous car dealer franchises. In the car park there is a small area cordoned off where you can try fencing with an epee. We didn’t see any takers. There was a clown setting up in the mall corridor and various craft activities were scheduled to take place at other entertainment areas in the mall.
At Mr Bricolage I bought a 40 meter extension reel in the hope that it will reach somewhere near the perimeter of the grass. We then headed off to Conforama which is furniture, diy etc.By now it was noonish. I spent a lot of time looking at the hi-fi goods. I have a lot of records and cassettes as well as a turntable that I need to be able to hook up to any new system. Of course it also needs to play MP3, WMF, DVDRW etc etc. I will have to return another day.We were the last people to leave the shop when I remembered that the shop probably shut at 12:30 for lunch

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