Monday, 8 September 2008

28 Aug 2008 Thurs – Puivert

I awake from a dream in which Jeremy Clarkson says a few words at a works leaving do. I in turn thank him and tell him what a wonderful job he does fighting for the motoring consumer.

Today is the day that my phone finally gets fixed. The technician will be with me between 9 and 11am.
Technician arrives. It is now very hot. We chug up the stairs and I show him the 7 different phone points that I have on the walls.
He is puzzled as none of them are working. We go downstairs and he borrows my ladder to look at the box on the outside wall, liberally scattering leaves onto Madame’s washing.
He does not understand it, there is a line but is it mine? It certainly doesn’t go up to my apartment. Back upstairs. More testing and head scratching. He now says that his equipment suggests that I am receiving a 4Mb link, but it is not reaching my boxes.
Do I have a laptop?
I launch my laptop and he suggests that I may have keyed in all the codes wrongly. I get my list and he checks my set up. All perfect. It must be a faulty livebox…
No it has been tested in the shop. It must be faulty. He has a spare one in his van. He goes downstairs and returns with the box. After a period of time, he cannot understand it. His box doesn’t work either.
He sets off to the exchange next to the Commissariat (wherever that is), he will do some tests and phone me later.

Late morning he calls me to tell me that an engineer will be out tomorrow at about 4pm to sort out the line problem, will I be in? Yes I say.
After a brief lunch it is time to face the heat and test the new car. The car says that it is 30 degrees. Despite being a small car, it seems very roomy, the steering is vaguer than my Astra, and the ride much spongier and bouncy. I note with satisfaction that there is a dial with 4 settings below left of my steering wheel. What can it be, it was not explained to me. I will have to get the manual out and have a look sometime….

We stop off at a small village called Puivert and have a look at the church, then head back. We pull in to look at a Brocante (second hand / antiques) which takes about 40mins to look round. S buys a small dish which appears to be hand painted and signed, and which uses similar colours to one of the pieces of art bought on the cruise.
Going through some boxes in studio one I find the vacuum nozzle. Hooray!
I go up to the apartment and start sucking the floor.

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