Tuesday, 2 September 2008

18 Aug 2008 Monday Car hunt

Since offering to help me to buy a car and go shopping for a cheap fridge (to replace the revolting one in studio, Madame has remained in deep cover. So in the afternoon we set off to the shops in the hated Hyundi. We then pop in to the Renault dealer to start the quest for the French car.
VC comes to ask us if he can be of assistance. He speaks English. He lived in Aberdeen for a while, so he introduces Fucking into the conversation regularly. I could be easily shocked as I do not swear often myself.
Now when I go shopping for shoes, I get bored easily. It’s the same with cars.
I had decided that I would probably buy a Nissan Note, a Kia Ceed, or the favourite, a Citroen Berlingo. We found a Renault Modus, just over a year old, with about 23k kilometres on the clock. Leaving the Hyundi keys as collateral, we took it for a test drive spin. Lots of paperwork and a few fucks later, I was to be the proud owner of a Renault the following Wednesday. VC would pick us up at the train station after we had returned the hire car to P.
Just phone him from the station. What could possibly go wrong?

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