Thursday, 4 September 2008

23 Aug 2008 Sat - Still no go

Great excitement in the house. It is internet day. It will surely be worth the extra 100 Euros that they want to charge me for the visit.
The technician arrives. He tries all the sockets. I have no phone line he tells me, so unfortunately he can do nothing to set up my live box. He can however arrange for a telecom technician to come out to investigate. After a tantalisingly brief glimpse of a Monday appointment, it rapidly becomes Thursday next week. The good news is that he does not ask me for 100 Euros.

At the Bricomarche I buy some Teflon pads for the bottom of the sofa. Once home I open the black bin bag whose shape suggests that it contains the hose and attackments for the bosch vacuum cleaner.
Contents = 5 plastic feet for sofa, 1 vacuum telescopic handle. Where the bleep have the removal men put the brush end of the machine…..

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