Sunday, 21 September 2008

12 Sept 2008 Friday – Essential shopping

We have looked through the latest publicity bumpf which appeared again in our post box, with all the latest bargains from the big hypermarkets. LeClerc receives an early morning visit and I buy several essential diy items, including hundreds of screws, nails etc of various sizes, a telescopic screwdriver with lots of bits attached. You can also screw round corners with it. Then there are felt pads for the bottoms of the chairs, a micro screwdriver kit, some plant bulbs…. It eventually comes to just under 50 euros. Unfortunately the advertised cheap, silicone baking trays that S wants are nowhere to be found.

We continue cutting the hedge until the rain starts. It is taking a long time to cut a small area of hedge.
After the rain stops we head into town and I go into the Internet café which has a small sign up in its window informing the world that the “fonds de commerce” are for sale. I ask the man behind the desk for more information about the sale. He does not have anything ready with him, can I call back tomorrow, or better he will phone me. I give him my mobile number. I tell him that I am looking for all the relevant financial info including the rent for the premises.
The bread shop does not have any olive or lardon bread on its shelves, so we go to another bakery and buy an ordinary French loaf for 1.60 euros.
I start preparing the ex-shower / bathroom for its impending conversion into a kitchen, by taking down the shelves that are in there and then doing the first fill of the holes and cracks that are in the walls. The bathroom also gets the hole filling treatment as high as I can reach without ladders.The toilet and shower continue to leak and today the room smells really foul.

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