Wednesday, 3 September 2008

20 Aug 2008 Weds Covering my assurance

First plumber arrives. I explain what I want, give him a plan for the kitchen in the former toilet and he leaves within 15 minutes. He will get the quote to us quickly he says.
I head into the old town to the British food shop. We had been there the week before and had chatted to the owner and her husband. Just as I approached the building, I could see them strolling towards their shop. They had been out for a coffee which had taken longer than expected. I explain about the insurance and the owner S searches through a copy of the yellow pages for the firm. No trace. She tries on the internet, but her connection keeps getting dropped. She has a spare 2007 phone book which she kindly gives me.
Well it closes every Wednesday. Ah she had just been out for coffee, but apart from that the shop never closes.

I try to arrange insurance cover for my new car, contacting 2 firms who list themselves as speaking English. The first firm speaks no English at all, and the second firm says that if I phone back next Monday someone will be able to help me.

Later I emerge from the bank with very costly insurance cover and an indication of how much top up insurance for my E106 medical cover will cost me. But for the health cover I need a social security number. I will need to take the paperwork for my E106 into the CPAM office to start the ball rolling.
The car insurance is so costly because the car is just over a year old. The maximum French equivalent of a no claims bonus is 50%. This has been included in my insurance price and I need to get my UK car insurance to send a letter to DM detailing my no claims bonus or my insurance will get even more expensive.

The screw on feet for the sofa are nowhere to be found.

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