Sunday, 14 September 2008

4 Sept 2008 Thursday - Bad news!

We wander into town to the UK shop in the afternoon and have a chat with the owner, then we wander off around town, picking up a loaf of bread from the baker who bakes his bread over wood in the traditional way. Instead of olive bread though, I choose a lardon loaf, which has pieces of ham in it.
The bad news is that the bakery will be closed for annual holidays from 13 – 29 Sept. This means that I will either have to start going to another bakers, or buy bread and freeze it. We also inadvertently stopped off for a beer in the bar that we had visited back in March.

When we get home, it is still in the 30’s so ideal weather to do a bit of gardening. I had bought some weed killer and now was the time to deploy the garden sprayer that I had brought over from the U.K. For once there was only my car in the parking, so I had a clear run at it apart from having to make up a second sachet of weed killer and shunt my car around.

Next I get into the crawl space under the house and start dragging some of the timber and other crap which has been dumped there, out into the open prior to getting rid of it. After about 10 minutes I have a headache and call it a day.
Once this work is completed (not today as it is too hot), there is another crawl space under madam’s patio full of bits of pallet, lino, rubble and other as yet unknown items. There is also a black and white cat that seems to go under there a lot too.
We have been having good weather, but a few hours after I deployed my weed killer, it rains for the first time in many days. I just hope my efforts have not been wasted.

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