Saturday, 6 September 2008

26 Aug 2008 Tues - Fleas?

We do not have mosquitoes, but we appear to have fleas. Very small, almost microdot size. I sweep the floors and attempt to find them. S and I have both been bitten on the feet and lower legs since we have been here, despite me wearing jeans and shoes and socks.

Now if only I had the brush end for the vacuum cleaner, I could suck up the suckers.
The painting of the walls in the living room is progressing well, now that I have switched to using a roller. It takes 2 stints to cover most of the walls, but I have no ladder to reach the highest bits. Also I have to use thin white bobbly paper to patch bits of woodchip paper which have been torn by previous occupants. There is no woodchip to be found anywhere. The small back bedroom painting is now complete.

At the Bricomarche I buy a ladder which folds into 4 sections. Days later I find that it is not so easy to get it to click into any usable shape, and it remains looking like an arthritic praying mantis for some time, while I plan to find some gloves to wear while trying to work the ratchet mechanisms.

This afternoon the delivery of the TV stand, computer desk, fridge, electric cooker, the folding bed and the big heavy buffet cabinet arrives. Once again the weather is very hot. It is a long journey from the van, up all the steps on the path then up to the second floor. By the time they leave, there is a trail of sweat up the stairs. Everything has come pre-assembled except for the computer stand. That will be the evening homework.We set off to walk into town.

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