Thursday, 26 March 2009


When people move abroad, they often moan on and on about the things that they miss. Well last week I missed queuing in the town’s post office to get an envelope signed by Miss France. I also missed an organ concert at the Abbey, which included a choir as well as Organ Morgan.
When I lived in the UK I quite often had big spiders fall from the ceiling onto my face, as I either slept or was just lying in bed.
Here the spiders are much neater but a bit more active. They seem to live in the cracks in the ceiling beams and also the gaps between the beams and the walls and the beams in the ceiling. In several places in the house, you will find little piles of insect remains which the spiders have finished with and pushed out of their cracks (excuse my French) to land on the floor. One such pile builds up on the bedside drawer unit, another in a corner of the bathroom floor etc. Not too much of a problem, you know where the piles will be.
Since S went back to the UK , piles of bits have started appearing on the pillow next to mine. Again not critical.
The night before last, I thought I could feel small bits falling onto my face, the night after, nothing.
Last night though, I was dozing and was aware once again of bits falling onto me. Next I awoke spitting what felt like a small ball of cotton our of my mouth. As I was half awake I remember thinking that it must have been a bit of fringe off the bed cover.
This morning when I switched on the light, there were little bits on my pillow, and the bed cover doesn’t have any fringes…..
I could not find any spider corpse on the floor, so it probably survived.
I have just got out the vacuum cleaner and applied the nozzle to all the beam nooks and crannies which are anywhere near my bed. The next step will be to start filling in the cracks.
Still at least I can take comfort that we don’t have spiders that hide under the toilet seat waiting to kill you, like what they do in Oz.

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  1. lol- You couldn't find a spider corpse on the floor because you swallowed it, perhaps?

    And good for you, on not being critical and embracing the entire experience ;-)

    Now I have that silly 'Redback on the Toilet Seat' song implanted in my brain!


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