Sunday, 1 March 2009


After returning from our trip yesterday afternoon, Madame rang my bell.
I opened the bedroom window and she told me that her friend D was coming at about 3pm to discuss all the work that I need doing on the house, and the possibility of demolishing the outbuilding which is about to fall down, and replace it with another structure.
He whizzed about for 2 hours, under the house, on the roof, searching for a bouton to switch off the ventilation system. (Eet must be there by law, but of course it is not anywhere visible. He thinks it is behind a wall and when he returns next Saturday he will bring a friend who has a machine to trace wires)
It was very exhausting, and he kept on telling me the same things over and over again, quite sure that although I was telling him that I understood, he seemed sure that I didn’t.
Next weekend he will also bring a measuring tape. The outbuilding job will probably require paperwork and permission from the Town Hall.

D seems keen that Bee boy's van is pressed into service to remove the rubble and wood when it is demolished.
Madame reports that the new outside light works well, and Bee Boy also confirmed this. Perhaps the sensor only detects small, French people?

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