Monday, 9 March 2009

Parking wars

Once again I feel moved to rant about the effing reading / parking habits of the French.
I have parking prive signs up in my parking area in front of my house. Admittedly there are only about 4 of them, but they are obviously too small for the average French motorist to see.
Usually it is people looking for the new medical centre. This has now finally got a sign up identifying its location, so most people drive past the sign and do a 3 point turn in my parking area or that of the flats opposite. Some just park on my land and walk to the centre.
Visitors to the flats opposite also sometimes park in my parking area. If I catch them, I explain that they are parked in my garden and that the space is for my rent boys and girls.
It could be a full time job.
Here are just two examples from the end of this week.
Lady going to view either an apartment across the road, or the vacant office unit located there.

Second one is a lady who lives across the road in the flats, being dropped off in my garden, before crossing the road and putting stuff in her boot.

On both occasions there was lots of space for them to park at the flats.
I now have 2 signs red background with white lettering which say “Propriete Privee” which I will deploy at my entrance today. I will relocate my “Parking prive” signs to make a nice row of them, on the wall facing the road so that there can be no risk of not seeing them, should lodger's vehicles be legally parked on my land.

If nothing else, it will be an interesting social experiment, which will enable me to give an astonished “Vous ne pouvez pas lire?” with follow up, head shaking bewilderment as they tell me that they did not see the signs.
Yes I have 2 power tools, and I am not afraid to use them!

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  1. give up the ghost, this is a battle you'll never win! but it MIGHT provide hours and hours of entertaining distraction ...


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