Monday, 16 March 2009

Another fine Mas

Driving through the tunnel was interesting. People were walking in the gloom, there were zebra crossings, a vehicle came towards me right on the white line. It must literally be murder during the summer months.
Out into the sunshine again, round a bend or so, then the straight road down to the town of Mas D’Azil.
There is a car park right in the centre of the town, and at this time of year it was quite peaceful.

The streets have great numbers of columbage houses. Many properties appear to be empty, having been workshop premises at one time.

We strolled along the almost deserted streets and found some public toilets. All that running water……
Many properties had their windows open and it was possible to see inside, without pressing noses against the windows.

In many houses the thing to do with the ground floor, is just to pile it full of lots of old furniture and other household items, and I mean pile. I don’t know if this means that the upper floors are minimalist zen centres of calm, but I suspect not.
There were several bench seats outside, and these were the preserve of ladies of more advanced years, keeping their beady eyes on comings and goings.

This town would be a very pleasant place to live, but as I say, in summer it must be one big traffic jam.
There were many interesting features to pick out. We found one stone carving
Numbered number 8, so we missed at least another 7 numbered featured.

On the way out of town I spotted this old petrol pump, still in situ so I stopped and took a photo.

On the very outskirts of town near to a College, we spotted the Tourist information Centre. How useful is that?


  1. I love that petrol pump.

    You'll have to one day do a summer trip and compare the village 'vibe'.

  2. I don't think you will find one like it in Paris. I think I have a photo of an old english pump somewhere, so that means I have now got a collection. Rigsby


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