Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More bin news

The weather has been too nice to spend time blog writing. Today winter has descended again though, so the shorts and sun cream have been put away for now and I am writing a few blog entries.
Just sitting around in the garden outside my tumbledown shed, I have been studying whilst keeping an eye on my parking area. Ah, the number of people who have slowed down, spotted me and set off again to park elsewhere. I have also been asked directions several time by passing motorists and pedestrians. Perhaps I should be charging for my services.
The main reason that I have been down the bottom of the garden is to keep an eye on my bin.
Last week I heard a strange noise. I looked out of my window and spotted a 20 something young lady who was suspiciously near to my wheelie bin, heading back up the road. Some time later I saw her putting her arm round my fence, lifting my bin lid and putting a bag of rubbish in. I was a bit busy at the time, but about ten minutes later, I made a coffee and set off downstairs to sit in my garden to intercept her if she should use my bin again.
I was just too late again and spotting me, she set off up the road at a brisk pace. Always one to lift the lid on a story, I opened my bin to find it two thirds full of black bags, containing clothes, cushions etc. I also noted that she had added an electric radiator to my neighbour’s crap heap but against my wall.
I dragged my bin away from the area near the pavement, and settled down on a chair to wait, should she return with more stuff. I rehearsed phrases like, this bin is on my property and is for the use of me and my tenants, take your shite and put it somewhere else please.
She did not return, (I was waiting for hours) but I noted that the house on the bend had a pile of stuff under its open windows.
Meanwhile the lady from the tip next door, had set off for the shops, spotted the radiator and had whisked it into her house.
If only wheelie bins were made of metal, you could wire them up to the mains….

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