Monday, 30 March 2009


Those of you who have been following my parking area problems since last August will be surprised to see the big red Renault espace nestling on my land once more after my making it very clear to the owner, my neighbout that he must never park there.
At about half past 8 in the morning, my buzzer went. I trudged down the stairs and found Madame and my next door neighbour standing outside. Madame was the spokesperson and the conversation went something like this,
The neighbour wants to know if he can park in your parking for an hour so that his car can be fixed?
My good deed done for the day, I returned upstairs to my cup of tea.
(For the sake of accuracy I have to say that it was more like two and a half hours).
In my boite au lettres I found a letter from my bank inviting me to their annual general meeting in April. In addition to the meeting there will be an aperitif, buffet and a orchestra / band. I may well go if it doesn’t clash with any of my other evening social engagements. I do after all pay about 9 euros per month for the priviledge of using my current account. Best if I get my money’s worth.
Friday evening was also the meeting of the local friendly association led by the new bureau or committee. It was held in the wooden hut behind the school, with a kick off time of 8.30pm so eventually it started at about 9pm. There were only 19 people there, but by close of play 3 hours later…. A tentative programme of events had been identified. I now have to learn Belote and Tarot before the middle of April, when a games soiree will be held.
As with any French gathering, too much time was wasted by people deliberately misunderstanding the simplest statement, taking things as a personal attack. Still it gave them many chances to say “There’s no need to get upset” Unfortunately their next meeting to organise the details of the car treasure hunt (10 euros per person to include a meal) clashes with a choir practice.

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