Monday, 2 March 2009

Simply British

This morning we leapt out of bed and arrived at the new premises for the Simply British shop. The shop was set up about 12 years ago by Sue and her husband. Today the old shop fittings and contents were to travel a few hundred meters up the road into a new location which is much more visible to passing trade.

About 10 people in total turned up to help and everyone was kept busy up until 1pm, when we walked another few hundred yards to a local restaurant Gaia, for lunch. Lunch was vey good indeed. The restaurant is run by a Brit and his Australian wife and holds about 16 people at most. Here is a link to a review of the restaurant some months after it opened,

2 hours later it was time to start work again. S and I are old hands at shelf arranging, which is just as well as the shelves were filled, contents were then moved to another shelf, and then moved again. The shop also stocks a range of second hand books for sale and I had amazing fun putting books where I was told and then moving them again and again.

All still to do

Sue, the owner, Soopervises

Sue's husband forced to sit in the naughty corner, with the books

Don't know where the supermarket trolleys came from

Yes, Simply British is the one stop shop for all your UK favourites. Heinz Baked beans, Pataks curry sauces, Johnsons baby oil, Walkers crisps, brillo pads, mint jelly, sherbert fountains, HP sauces, crockery, various makes of tea and coffee, Birds custard powder, the list goes on and on, and they do mail order.
This is a link to the Simply British web site to see what goods you might miss should you move to France
that you can pack them into your suitcase before you leave the UK.

We finally called it a day just before 6pm, as one of the freezers was being manoeuvred through the front door.
Most of the work is done, and the shop should be ready to open on time on Tuesday next week.We were both tired, not being used to lunches with wine and having to move about for long periods of time without sitting down.


  1. NOT being used to lunches with wine! and you say you live in FRANCE?! harumph ...

  2. I am a man of very simple tastes and very cheap to run. There is probably a saying along the lines of "drink wine at lunchtime, lose the rest of the day" If not, then you saw it here first!

  3. baloney. or bologna. or c'est pas terrible!

    I do my BEST work after a lunch with wine. indeed. ;P

  4. We can hear your snores from here :-)
    that is of course, when you honour us with your presence in the country :-)


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