Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bumbles, bees, bugs and birds

The weather has taken another turn and once again it is almost summer-like. I was pottering in the garden picking up other peoples rubbish, and spotted these little beetles. I don’t know if they will show up big enough for you to see on screen. Initially I thought they were squashed flat ladybirds mating, but a search on the internet suggests that they might be
Pyrrhocoris apterus.

Apart from that I am none the wiser. The only other insects were a bee and a bumble bee.
I saw my first lizards of the year, about 2 weeks ago.
My crocuses are now in bloom and my tulips continue their green progress skywards. Right that’s the bees and bugs out of the way, now for the birds.

Entertainment wise, things may be beginning to hot up. There was this going on at a nightclub in a neighbouring town.

photo from club website

Having looked at the photos of the event on their web site (purely for research purposes), the “young” lady managed to lose all her clothes and those of some poor gentleman from the audience. Coming soon to the club

13 March

Night of luck, come and scratch!!!! Ah they do things differently here

photo from club web site

Richardson would be twizzling in his grave. His virtuous pamela held out for marriage and I cannot remember any mention of whipped cream in the novel, although she may have done a bit of cooking.
Do they still have strippers in the UK? It took me back to my first few student days in the late 70’s, when I went to the student union to see two ladies who will “dance and sing for you”. By the following year I think the feminist protest groups had caused so much trouble outside and inside such events that the Student entertainments committee stopped having strippers.
Do women or men protest outside shows put on by the Chippendales? Perhaps that is classed as art.
Note to self – Is this a possible career path? Remember to ask mobilisation vers emploi counsellor tomorrow. Pps also rememberto wear clean posing pouch and white ankle socks to the meeting.


  1. LOL- well do be sure to post photos if you do decide to follow that career path!

  2. Any ohotos of my "nice little earner" will only be available on DVD, for the discerning buyer of modern art and dance.

  3. lol- okay, well let me know when they are available.


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