Thursday, 19 March 2009

Grace notes plus the ending that I missed off last night

Tomorrow the French workers will be on the streets protesting about unemployment the rising cost of living etc so the town will be chocca. I am trying to make up my mind whether to go to French “class” or put on my Tolpuddle Martyrs tee-shirt and join them for a bit of a demonstrate. I could do a bit of both.
I went to see my mobilisation vers emploi advisor today. I know it’s only been a week, but she could not fit me in next week. My task had been to try and get a meeting with DM, to see if she could get me on the tourism course. I went along last Thursday and the main desk gave me a number to phone early this week to see if I could contact her. Her secretary was not there either.
I explained the sorry tale and my advisor rang DM.’s contact number. This time there was a message to say that the office was unexpectedly closed until 11 April. Lord knows what is going on there, but I am less than impressed. If there is a problem, they should contact attention seekers such as myself, out of politeness and to avoid us wasting our time….
I don’t have any homework to do before our next mobilisation meeting on….. April 1st.
Now an update for my mate Grace. Choir continues to be a frustrating nightmare. We are further back now, than we were by the end of last week. There are still 2 pieces of the Messe that we have not even tackled yet.
We have not sung with the soloists or musical accompaniment and the public performances are in June this year.
We do have an all day Sunday practice coming up in a week or so’s time, but there will be another 2 week school break somewhere too.
There is one Tenor who sings so loudly that the rest of us needn’t turn up at all. It would not be too bad if his voice blended in, but regardless of ppp, or forte, he just belts it out. Allegedly he often hits a wrong note, dragging us along with him, and he also likes to speed up the tempo regardless of the conductor’s timing. He’s like a snowball rolling down a steep hill.
There are quite a few faces who seem to feel that they only need to attend one practice in 3 or 4. This would not really be acceptable in any club that I have belonged to in my many long years.
So we scratch and scrape along.
At the end of the practice 10.45pm, there are always announcements. These are usually about musical events being held in local halls of villages that no one has ever heard of. Tonight’s list was a list with a twist. Our choir master said that he had an announcement to make. It was, he said, not about the choir or music, but something to do with his private life.
Ah! I thought, he is going to tell us that he is gay.
He wanted to tell us that he was “amoureux” (in love).
This got a round of timed clapping and cheers.
I thought to myself, This could get a bit embarrassing.
He continued saying that it was someone in the choir.

Pin drop time. Everybody looking round to see if they could spot who it was. Were they there tonight?
The lucky lady is an alti named Patricia.
More loud applause.
Isn’t it just typical when you are trying to make a quick getaway home.
I asked the lady in front of me (because the choir master speaks so quietly) is he getting married? Oh no, she said, he just wanted to tell us that he was in love,- shrugging her shoulders slightly.
Could it be Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman all over again? Of course when they fall out she will have to leave the choir. I wonder if he was the hunter or the hunted?
Ah my intuition never lets me down!

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