Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Burnham wood

On Sunday I made a brief foray into town to admire the spring funfair which is in town. However they were still setting up their stalls, and it was roped off from the public. The wildest thing that I could see was dodgems.
Disappointed, I made a circuit of the fair’s perimeter looking for a newsworthy photo. Nada.
Then I spotted a pile of timber on the road, between some parked cars. My brain being a bit slow, I thought that perhaps it was someone’s revenge. Instead of dumping a load of manure on the town hall steps, someone had dumped a load of wood instead.
As my brain struggled to cope, a young boy came out of the shop doorway nearest to the wood, picked up a bit of wood and began playing about with it.

Then I noted a pile of wood similar in size to the external one, inside the premises.
Still struggling, I raised my eyes to the shop sign. It was a pizza place specialising in pizzas made in a wood fuelled oven.
So now I know for certain that this place actually does use wood.

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