Monday, 6 April 2009

Out of instep?

Last week I went to see my Instep advisor again for my regular appointment. Since my last visit, I have put two CV’s on to the ANPE website and one onto a global internet CV service. My pursuit to perfectionner mon francais continues for two and a half hours of studying by myself, four times per week.
My quest for tourism training is still stalled, waiting for the elusive APF advisor to contact me. Although her office is closed until 11th April, my advisor tried the lady’s number and left yet another message for her to make contact.
We danced the usual circles. I showed her a piddly little job vacancy that I had printed out. She looked at it. Basically it was 20 hours per week playing scrabble etc with teenagers to adults in the evenings. No, I could not do that because, look there, you need that qualification which is a 2 year course…
What about an apprenticeship? You are too old.
I pointed out that this was ageist and she just laughed, so no avenue there either.
My homework for the next meeting is to read the code Rome descriptions of 2 different types of management job, and to think about my strengths and skills and what job or “project” I could aim for.
My advisor had the brainwave that mobilisation vers employ was probably not the best scheme for me to be on. Instead, I should be on another one which lasts for 4 months, 7 hours per day, 5 days per week. I would be with French people seeking work, my language skills would improve, I would also have two, two week placements with a company as part of the scheme. (I would also not be her headache any more)
She phoned my ANPE advisor to suggest a change of course, but my ANPE lady was not for changing. So for the moment at least, I must bob along in the paddling pool.

On Friday I received a letter from ANPE saying that I did not meet the requirements to be helped into work. This meant that I had the weekend to dwell on what this letter actually meant. Did it mean what it seemed to say, i.e that I was not entitled to be on the mobilisation vers emploi scheme or to my French lessons?
Next job, permission from Mairie to carry out external work to my property.


  1. hang in there, the french love to put up obstacles followed by retrieving a solution and becoming the hero...don't give up!

  2. Don't worry, I don't mean to give up. Still waiting for the hero or heroine to turn up though. Everyone has gone away for a holiday.(not to the same place obviously)


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