Saturday, 18 April 2009

French pests

A busy few days dodging in and out of the rain and the heating has had to go on again. Managed to just finish my French learning book at noon on Friday just as the place closed for lunch.
A quieter few days as Mr Teacher was not there. Perhaps his wife has bumped him off?
No hot water yesterday as the timer switch on the fuse for heating up the water tank has finally died after waking me up constantly switching itself on and off in flurries of activity throughout the night for the last several months.
In France the “cheap” electricity tariff operates between eleven thirty at night and half past seven in the morning. The water tank fuse has 3 settings. Off, on, and automatic.
Last night I sat up waiting to see if the fuse would click into action, but nothing happened, so I got out of bed and switched it to on, I planned to get up again after a couple of hours to see if the water was heating up, but woke with a jump at half past four instead. The good news is that I can still get hot water.
I have a number of electrical issues that require sorting out, so this will push me over the edge to find an electrician sooner rather than later.
I went to the supermarkets on Thursday lunchtime instead of my usual Friday trip. I made a detour to Lidl’s as their publicity indicated that they had over the bed mosquito nets for sale.
Having been assured that we are in for a scorcher of a summer as winter and spring have been so bad, I will be able to sleep secure in the knowledge that none of the little buggers will be able to get me whilst I sleep. I have already installed the curtain and its support and it now rests in the pre-deployment position. Now I have a view of an alien space ship, or a UK size condom. if I lie in bed looking up at the ceiling.

If it decides to deploy itself during the night, I will probably hit my head on the ceiling as I leap out of bed.


  1. you should unfurl it and sleep under it ... they are very romantic...

  2. Nope,it did nothing for me,
    or the inflatable sheep!!!


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