Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A little prealable

The weather has not been good, so I have not been out much. The last choir practice was held and we are now on two weeks choir holiday. The dates, times and venues for our 4 performances of the Petite Mess Solonelle in June are now confirmed. No pressure there then.
First stop, the Mairie (Town Hall) first floor. Someone eventually appeared. It was the lady that I had seen late last year. You have come back to France, she said. I was only away for 2 weeks over Christmas, I replied.
I explained my building issue and she directed me to the 2nd floor. Before I went, did I want my voting card? I said that I would take it, and she riffled through a box of cards and gave me mine.
Up on floor two, a fashion model beckoned me into her office. I explained my quest and gave her my “projet” dossier. (I had photographed the existing structure, put together some words about pulling it down and replacing it with a brick structure, complete with rough sizes).
She looked through it and said that I need to fill in a “Declaration prealable Constructions, travaux….”
She printed the forms off and asked if I would like her to fill it in? I jumped at the chance of some help and the paperwork was duly completed, and I dated and signed it. She attached my dossier to the forms and gave me a copy.
She then gave me a receipt. I now have to wait 4 weeks until they send me the paperwork saying that I can go ahead or not.
I then explained that I wanted to replace a house window with a double glazed unit, and put a little window or vent through a side wall for the ground floor studio.
You will need to fill in another form, she said. Any work on the outside of my building or land would require permission, even if it was painting my boundary wall. The good news is that you can put lots of things on one form.
She printed me off another 3 page form. I now need hyperactive man to appear so that I can get details of sizes of the two units.
Hyperactive man turned up late Sunday afternoon with another daughter. You will need to get permission from the Mairie before the work can be done, he said.
I explained that I had already completed the paperwork tor the shed and had still to do one for the other bits of external work.
I have to contact Hyperactive man once I have received the permissions to begin work.. Madame has his phone number....


  1. I need to pay more attention cos I can't keep up with who's who (with the titles e.g. hyperactive man...) le sigh...

  2. Hyperactive man is the friend of Madames who is going to build my little garden shed and some other masonry type jobs.


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