Wednesday, 15 April 2009

And another bloody thing…..

Well it was a quiet weekend, probably one of their wettest Easters ever. I don’t know how the open air jazz festival fared at Mirepoix, or the various street processions went. Probably with a splosh.
On the TV there was a news item showing families on a ski slope, skiing downhill looking for the buried Easter eggs. One enterprising family had gone hi tech and had a small metal detector to aid them in their search.
The sun finally popped out briefly on Monday afternoon, so I walked into town to see what delights had been laid on to celebrate Easter. There was a small market, but the only stalls which don’t appear at the regular market, were 2 stalls selling identical brightly coloured sweets and a kebab stall selling Cajun kebabs.
The bee and his family reappeared on Monday, with another lady in tow. I learned today that it is Bee-boy’s sister. So the little room is host to 4 adults sleeping on the floor on mattresses.
Madame says that they will probably be here all this month as the bees need feeding up prior to moving the hives to various bits of farm land to pollinate farmer’s crops. Then they will be back with a big camper van July/August to cope with the bees making their honey.
More fashion news. Further investigation has revealed that Madam’s car seat covers, as well as being a fashion statement, have short sleeves. In short they are tee-shirts. Brilliant idea! Say you are out and about in rural France and you stumble across a “Mancha’s Muncheria”. You decide to give the recommended “Kim’s ketchup kofé” a try. Finding the yellow décor a bit on the custardy side, you decide to drink it in the car. Of course you spill the drink all over your new, white blouse as you stumble out into the gloom of the daylight. What to do? You’ve guessed it. Just whip of your dirty top and replace it with one of the tee-shirt seat covers.
Of course the head rests do not currently have any covering, but I reckon a couple of pairs of knickers or Y-fronts could be a future life saver……
Remember folks you saw the idea here first.
French “lessons” continue and I go to study 4 times per week for roughly 2 and a half hours per time. All being well, I should finish my text book “Bled Vo.1” by the end of Friday, This last week the tempers of the people who run the “school” have been rather frayed and their arguments have been getting louder and more prolonged. I think some of the rules governing the training requirements for some types of students have changed. Some official type lady, possibly from the ANPE who send and pay for the students, came out lasr Friday morning and it was all very calm for the duration of her, seemingly” unexpected visit. Things have not been the same since then. Madame is remaining calm, but her husband keeps losing the plot and shouting at his computer and his wife.


  1. Une américaine va bien
    Mais deux dans la ville, et on aurait besoin de beaucoup de cérumen dans les oreilles pour aider la sommeil. :-)
    Recently coined Brantôme saying.


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