Thursday, 9 April 2009

No shit!

I went to the ANPE to speak to my advisor about my recent letter. When my turn came, I was told that she was on holiday for 2 weeks. I showed my letter to the man on reception and asked if it meant that as well as not being entitled to any unemployment benefits, I had to quit my two courses. He glanced at the letter and said that carrying on with the courses was no problem. So that’s good enough for me. In the words of the TV programme, “A prendre ou a laisser” Un, deux, trios, je continue (“Deal or no deal” in the UK, my dad’s favourite programme)
The sun was shining and it was summer again as I walked home. The grass got cut and I did some studying.
While I was in the house, I saw one of the ladies who lives in flats across the road, with what I assume is a new puppy. She walked about with it and talked to it. She put it on the ground (wearing a lead), picked it up, took it to some grass across the road. Picked it up. Walked across the road, looked around, then walked onto my property and put it down on my grass, which is located at waist height.
When I cut my grass later, there was no little calling card waiting for me. Am I alone in thinking that this is a bit of a cheek?
I am sure that she won’t do it again. If she does it will give me a chance to practice my French. Now where is that dictionary?


  1. the nerve! sounds like something I might do .... bwahahahaaaa!

  2. I just knew that. I expect you empty your car ashtray out in laybyes or outside other people's houses too. (Le SIGH!)

  3. nah, but I fantasize about it.... does that count?!

  4. It is the thought that counts. Perhaps you could take up a less destructive hobby. Whittling for example.


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