Monday, 27 April 2009


Whilst en route to my bank soiree. I spotted something that made me think that I was seeing things. Of course I took a photo of the scene. Today’s online Depeche has this photo and story from the Tarn-et-Garonne region of France.

This is what I thought might happen in the situation that I saw, only in my case the results could potentially be much worse.
Remember I am on a steep hill which overlooks the Town. Across the main road there are houses built on more, steep hillside, which drops down very steeply to houses at the bottom of the hill.
I would think it bad enough waiting for the rumble of an earthquake (we are in an earthquake zone) and an area which has frequent rock falls due to heavy rain. But the people at the bottom of the hill have the houses above them, the hillside to fall on them, and as if that were not enough. There are these babies waiting in the wings.

I could not see anything other than their size and weight holding them in place. They are holding back yet more earth and hillside.
What would you put on your insurance claim form for your damaged car.
“Large stone fell onto car while I was parked in my driveway”.
I expect the house is owned by people from Paris or the Dordogne… or a Brit who thought that they had ordered some pebbles to surface their drive....

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