Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Still on the job 3.11.2010

Well have finally received a copy of the contract renewal paperwork, so I will be in employment until at least the end of June 2011, with the possibility of a final renewal of 6 months after that. So good news on the financial front. Especially as the French government has had about 4 thousand euros off me recently in income tax, social charges and other taxes. I did get my promised tax rebate on the 3 new double glazed windows that I had installed last September, so that clawed a bit back.
Next years tax demand will cover my first period of employment, so I dread to think how much they will want from me next year.
I should be grateful that I don’t have to pay rent as that would seriously damage my wealth.
Just don’t get me started about the UK Government dicking about and raising my pension age to 66 (thanks for that, you well paid, gold-plated “I’m alright so what’s the big problem?” tax evading bastards). Allegedly.

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