Friday, 5 November 2010

No U F O

At around 9.30pm one evening, I happened to glance out of my window. There was a strange blue light moving between my path and the grass.
I switched off my room light and went to get my camera to record the event. Perhaps the papers would pay handsomely for photos of a U.F.O., especially after recent sightings over various cities throughout the world.
It was dark outside, and despite setting my camera to 800ASA, its fastest setting, I wasn’t having much success.
I realised quite quickly that it must be mason man, hanging his washing on the line under cover of darkness.
It had been a sunny and he had been in all day, so it remains a mystery as to why he chose that time of night to do his washing.
He is Portuguese, so perhaps it is there equivalent of the Germans booking all the sun beds in advance with their towels ....
Or perhaps he just wanted to try out a new headband torch. It rained all day on the Sunday and he was working away all week so the washing stayed on the line until late the following Friday.

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