Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Little town squirt

I was mooning around in Rigsby Towers recently when I heard the sound of running water outside. Earlier I had noticed Madame’s Portuguese friend examining Madame’s motley collection of plants that she keeps outside on her terrace during the warmer months. This must be the day to take all the plants inside her apartment, I thought. No room for her to move around inside until next May or June.
Madame had my hose out and was standing in her doorway dressed in her dressing gown, directing the jet of water at all the mud and crap that had accumulated over the year.
She was not making a very convincing job of it. so her pal took over the hosing.
The result of this cleaning spray, was that my paths and steps were covered in dirt, grit and mud.
All the rest of her crap, old sink, bits of wooden box, broken plant pots, breeze blocks, red bricks, broken wooden chair etc remained in situ. Some people might think that she is a lazy wotsit. Surely not...... She does possess a broom, but it was not woken from its slumber against the wall. Despite her often telling me that the twig brush is the best, I have only seen her use it once in over 2 years.
She has been hard “at work” over the past weeks, going to demonstrations with her banner and loudhailer. She must be exhausted poor thing ......

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