Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Raclette grill

After the success of buying a cheap yoghurt maker earlier in the year (still safely tucked up in its box n the spare room, thank you very much for asking), I have been hankering after a raclette grill as per one of my posts last year. Yes it is that raclette time of year again. I had been watching the prices in the shops and in the shop advertising which arrives in my letter box each week.
Finally there was a Tefal machine on special offer in a nearby town for 29.99 euros.
I started twitching. If I went out and bought one, when would I use it. It was for 6 people, when would I ever have six people over for a meal?
I procrastinated and managed to not jump into the car for a 50 or so kilometre round trip to buy one.
I happened to look at the Foire Fouille web site and there, on the front page of their online advertising, for 14.75 euros (about £13) was a Tristar raclette grill.
The very next day I made a 7 kilometer round trip and for once I managed to find something that was advertised.
I got it home and undressed it, admiring its oval shape. It has little cooking shovels for 8 people, there is an area on the top surface for cooking bits of meat etc and also a shallow round area where you can make crepes!!!
The instructions suggested washing the metal cooking surface, drying it and then switching it on for 10 minutes to burn off any remaining grease from the manufacturing process. I did this and was treated to my own little black mushroom cloud.
The cooking surface is advertised as non-stick but it looks more like black paint to me. Still what can you expect for the price?
Now safely back in its box, it is getting to know the yoghurt maker. Far be it from me to disturb them.
The strange thing is that looking back at my raclette blog from last year, the one that I have bought looks exactly the same as the image I used on that very blog.....
Last week I saw an electric cheesemaking machine in LeClerc ...........

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