Sunday, 10 May 2009

Well equipped women, but is it art?

The warmer weather is approaching (surely?) and the number of mobile homes on the road continues to increase. More English voices are to be heard at the markets.
Earlier I took this photo of two tourists and their dog. They looked very well equipped and ready for any walking eventuality.

Probably Americans. I thought, but unlikely due to the dog. I increased my pace to show them what real walking was all about, only to overhear their French voices. Parisiennes then, possibly.
There is a little gallery in the medieval part of town. I have never been in and I am not sure if it is even ever open other than by special request. The owners obviously like to have a bit of a laugh, as there are usually nude dummies or bits of rude art to be seen in the grimy window.
In the UK there would probably be a prosecution brought against the owners for indecency or corrupting minors etc but their displays seem to carry on unhindered.

I have heard of someone getting a tap on the head, but this recent display is a new one on me.


  1. admit it, you put that American thing in there to get a rise out of me! I would have guessed German, actually ... pffffftttt!

  2. Who me? Even if they had been wearing very loud checked, baggy shorts,and were rolling their R's excessively I still wouold not have thought of you (probably) :-)
    Enjoy your day!


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